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In shelter Dog

Twinsburg, OH, 44087
Pet name:
Moose, 7 years old, neutered male, Mastiff/Plott Hound mix, 70 lbs. He is in a foster home in Texas and can transport to an approved adopter. 

Moose is friendly with dogs who are not in his face/space. He would do great in a home with a female dog who will give him his space or as the only dog. 

He is low/medium energy and is often times a couch potato. He will get the zoomies around the yard and likes to romp with his human at times. 

He is not cat friendly and wed also recommend a home with no small animals. 

He loves all humans, big and small! The fosters niece is 9 years old and they hang out and snuggle all the time!

 Moose is excellent on a leash! He does not pull other than the occasional stubborn mastiff refusal to move if there is something to see or smell or he isn’t ready to go inside. He is not reactive towards other dogs on a leash unless they are reactive to him. He would rather walk straight by other dogs and pretend they don’t exist. He LOVES going on walks and is an excellent walking companion on the leash.

 He is fully house trained and never had an accident in the house. He is also crate trained! He is also left home alone unsupervised with no issues. 

 He is food aggressive with other animals, but not towards humans. His foster can move his food bowl or take a bone/toy away from him with no problem. He can sometimes get excited about treats and take them a little rough.

 Other than being actually physically strong, Moose is the best human companion and loyal guardian. He is down to binge watch tv all day or go on an adventure. As long as he is by your side he is ecstatic. He loves car rides, doesn’t chew or destroy things, never has accidents where he shouldn’t, and is the actual perfect dog for anyone looking for a one pet household.  He thrives with puzzle feeders and should be given mental stimulation daily.

 True to the mastiff breed, he is wary of strangers and needs to have proper introductions with strangers that come in the home. Moose has growled at people he doesn’t know when they are inside the home. Breed experience is a necessity. 

When he gets excited he has the most epic butt wiggles and he thinks he is a lap dog. He will do the mastiff lean and those not prepared might get pinned down for a long cuddle sesh. He also loves playing with balls and either does not understand how to pick up a ball or thinks its hilarious to watch it roll around, but he thrashes and throws balls around like they are too slippery to grasp. He loves it.  

His ideal home is a household with mastiff breed experience, no other pets, a yard for him to get the zoomies in and play awkwardly with a ball and lives a relatively chill lifestyle.

*Listed BREED and AGE - We are taking our best guess & recommendations from our veterinarian on age, breed and size when fully grown. We rarely know a dogs exact age nor are we able to tell the true or full breed mix of dogs as our information is limited most of the time. ***

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