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In shelter Dog

Cincinnati, OH, 45240
Pet name:
Miniature Schnauzer
Before you email us:  Please check our website out at  There you will find our online application to adopt and on the same page at the top some of our guidelines and policies and geographic areas we cover.  Many of your questions may be answered here.  Please read Mugsys bio--it answers the common questions of good with children, if has to have a fenced yard, etc.  If you still have questions, please email the foster parent listed at the end of Mugsys biography, not the general inquiry button found on this page.  

 Mugsy is an adorable little black Miniature Schnauzer.  He is on the smaller size and about 7 years old.  He loves attention, but on his terms—he will cuddle on the sofa beside you, but does not enjoy being picked up—ask him to join you and he is all in, though!  Typical terrier, typical Miniature Schnauzer, and Schnauzer of small stature…. he thinks he is the biggest dude around, so he would best fit as an ONLY PET with his ALL ADULT family home with a fenced in yard. He can be a barker, so will do best in a single family home rather than an apartment or condo. 

Mugsys family moved and were unable to keep him where they would move to.  But earlier Mugsy had been attacked by a large dog.  So, the outcome is he is all about Mugsy--he is going to take care of Mugsy first.  He does not care for larger dogs and sometimes not for dogs his size.   Take it slow and easy with Mugsy and he is your buddy, but if you try to make him do something his little terrier mind does not want to, he can be nippy.  He bonds rapidly with his new human and wants to keep them all to himself.  Mugsy needs a home where he can have his confidence built but also one that is Schnauzer smart and willing to work with a trainer to  help him be more comfortable in his own skin.  In trade, Mugsy will be on the sofa beside you every night watching news, sitcoms, whatever you choose, he doesnt care. 

Mugsy is up to date on all of his vaccinations, microchipped, on heartworm preventative, and neutered.  He is looking for love—is your’s the right place?  For more info, contact his foster mom, Nancy, in Cincinnati, OH at


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