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Buster (KS)   

In shelter Dog

Saint Louis, MO, 63146
Pet name:
Buster (KS)
Miniature Schnauzer
Please consider sponsoring this fine gentleman!
Buster is around 12 1/2 to 13 years old now and has been in rescue for several years due to his issues.  Rescue has paid for all of his needs, including vet fees, food, heartworm preventative, etc.
Buster is considered a forever foster.  He was on death row for biting when we were called to pick him up from the shelter.
Due to his issues, he will not be placed in a new home, but will stay in his foster home the rest of his life.
Buster needs sponsors!  That will help pay for his vetting fees, shots, heartworm medications, food, etc.  If interested please contact
Please consider sponsoring this very special dog.:)
Our rescue web page is:
 Furever Shih Tzu Rescue

You may go there and find out information about our group. This web site also has other links so you can find out more about this breed, etc. 
Our procedure for adopting is as follows: First of all you will need to fill out the
Shih Tzu Placement Application on our webpage
that page also has info on adoption.