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Mason CELL DOG   

In shelter Dog

Ashland, OH, 44805
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
Mason is a 1 year old mix.  We thought he was a Whippet mix, but a doggie dna test actually showed NO Whippet, but did show Australian Cattle dog, Rottweiler, Chihuahua and others.  Look at that under-bite!  Could he be any cuter??

Mason did get adopted, but his adoption didnt work out and since the DNA test, we understand a little better why.  Mason needs alot of exercise and stimulation or he gets bored and destructive.  He needs a fenced in backyard or daily dog park visits and he will do well with other dogs in the home.  He did well with cats at first, but wasnt getting enough exercise and started to corner them and bark at them.

Mason was sent to the Mansfield Correctional Institutions Tender Loving Care Dog Program in Richland County.  This program operates in conjunction with the Ashland County Humane Society and under the supervision of staff, the lucky dogs participate in a 6 week program with inmate handlers that addresses basic obedience with voice and hand commands, socialization, potty training (if needed) and they might even learn some tricks. 

Masons handler reports that he gets along well with all dogs, listens well and is loyal to his trainer.  He knows the commands sit, stay, come and down and is learning hand signals.

He gets nervous in large crowds and with loud noises.  He is crate trained and hasnt had any accidents at the prison.  He loves to be petted, loves treats and loves toys.

If you are patient, active and have other dogs he can learn from, he is worth taking a chance on!

Adoption fee is $225

All Ashland County Humane Society animals adoption fees include:

~vaccinations, including rabies
~heartworm prevention

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please visit: 
(copy and paste link to address bar) for a printable application.  
Complete and email back to

We are an all volunteer-based organization that does not have a building or a staff,  only 8 members with jobs and families, trying to make a difference.  We do not have the volunteer manpower to show animals to non-approved applicants. If your application gets screened and approved, we will contact you to arrange a meet and greet and you can decide if this is the right pet for you.  

Thank you for understanding!  We definitely want all our rescued animals to find great families!

Thank you for your interest in a Rescue Pet!  Adopt, dont shop! 

The post will be removed when we get several applications to give our volunteer time to screen them.

Adoption Fee is $225


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