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In shelter Dog

Bradenton, FL, 34209
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Cesar is a 4.5 year old male mixed breed. He weighs 52 pounds. He is an active, busy boy. From having Cesar in the office we have learned that Cesar is a resource guarder. This means that he can be possessive of both treats and toys with humans. He gives plenty of appropriate warnings to let you know that he isnt fond of sharing. Cesar was transferred from a county facility so we do not have information about his previous household. Cesar has had some positive dog interactions at the shelter and some negative dog interactions at the shelter. We do not know if the resource guarding issue with treats and toys extends to his dog friends as we have not introduced toys during any dog interactions. We would definitely recommend a meet and greet with any resident dogs. At the shelter Cesar met a kitten, somewhat accidentally, and he was extremely rude. At this time we dont believe Cesar would do well living with cats. We have no information on how Cesar behaves around children. However, due to Cesars resource guarding we would recommend him only with older children that are able to read and respect Cesars communication about sharing (or rather not sharing) his toys and treats. We always recommend a meet and greet with any children in the household or children that visit often, such as grandkids. From Cesars time in the office we have also learned that he can easily clear a baby gate in one hop. Please call for more information or to make an appointment to meet Cesar. (Updated 1/30/21).


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