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Mako (aka Ruger)   

In shelter Dog

Derry, NH, 03038
Pet name:
Mako (aka Ruger)
Mixed Breed
Coat length:
Mako is a lovable little guy, about 35 pounds and 1 year old, who is a bit shy with new humans. He loves to wrestle and play with other doggy friends. Mako is best as the only pup in the home, though, as he wants his people all to himself. He loves scratches and a good spot in the sun for lazy naps. His nose is always in the air when he is bopping around the yard searching for new smells. Outside Mako jumps around like a kangaroo! It’s funny to watch as his ears flap up and he hops! He is super fast too!! He would love to charm and entertain you.

Mako was rescued from Puerto Rico, so he should grow up to be a medium Sato, known for being extraordinarily loyal and loving dogs.

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