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In shelter Dog

Fredericksburg, VA, 22406
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
Estimated age: 10 years 
Current weight:  28.2lbs as of 5/24
Note: I am blind and deaf. I use my nose to get around. I can follow the vibration of you clapping to know where to go.

Listen up youngsters!!! My name is Galileo and I’m looking for a retirement home. 

Yes, I am deaf. Yes, I am blind. But, let me tell you something, I’m not going anywhere soon! I’m smarter than most seeing and hearing dogs and can hold my own! 

Well, I say that but I LOVE to explore! Sure, I bump into things the first time or two, but I learn my way around and will blow your mind at how well I get around! I went up and down a full flight of stairs and figured out the dog door, much to one of my foster mom’s surprise. I love to crate rest and only howl when I want to be let out when I can smell you near and sense you are ignoring me. How dare you! 

What I’m looking for is a warm place to sleep and stuff to sniff! What I’m not looking for is someone who will take pity on me. I’m a smart and very capable man and would love to entertain you! 

Now, I’m ready for my hourly nap. I’ll await your call. I won’t hear it but the humans will let me know.

Note: I am Lyme positive. Treatment is typically 28 days of doxycycline (an inexpensive antibiotic). With this disease, a dog may always test positive even if treated.  The adopter is responsible for treatment, including cost.

Visit our website for an application to adopt.

What breed am I? Mixed mutt! ODHS does not breed label (unless there’s official paperwork), as studies show it is nearly impossible to tell the exact breed of each dog based off of their appearance.

Educational article:
3/3/3 rule:

Adoption Donations are $275 for an adult, $375 for puppies (a dog under one year of age), and $175 for a senior dog (based on the age of the dog). Adoption donations are to be made via cash, check, and credit/debit card. There is a $5 fee to run cards.

Please remember to bring a martingale collar and leash (non-retractable) with you the day of the adoption. 

We typically have adoption events on Wednesday 5-7pm and on Saturday noon to 4pm.  Our adoption center is located at 3602 Lafayette Blvd, Suite 101, Fredericksburg, VA 22408. Its important that you keep an eye on your emails for any changes or updates during the adoption process.

Old Dominion Humane Society is a volunteer based organization. We are run completely by volunteers, who also have full time jobs, so we appreciate your patience.  Currently, the average timeframe for a response to your application is 1 week.

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Note: ODHS only adopts to Virginia and surrounding states (including D.C.). A $50 out of state fee applies.


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