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In shelter Dog

Memphis, TN, 38133
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Say hi to Cup-A-Joe #MASA16129! This charming one-year-old boy is in a foster home with the citizen who found him in the 38122 area, and heres what his foster parents have learned about him so far:

Cup a Joe (Joe) is a SWEET boy! Hes living with two larger dogs, and zoomies happen daily around here. Joes a great mix of energy and snuggles. Hes learning many commands and listens well for his age!

Joe is very well-mannered and gentle around his food and takes turns for treats. He can get a bit territorial with some toys/bones but takes correction well. Hes EAGER to learn. Joe needs a lot of love and patience and asks for reassurance often. At times, he cant get close enough to you. That should subside as he feels more secure. If you are a cuddler, Joe is your dog! 

Joe is house-trained but will need to learn how to signal his new family to go outside since he currently has a doggie door. He whines quietly in the morning to tell his foster momma he needs to go out, so it should be an easy transition!

Joe has not been around cats or small humans, so we cannot say how he is with them. Joe fears the garden hose and being left outside, so we think he mightve been an outside dog. He may need to overcome that fear again in his new home. His foster mom monitors all outdoor activity. He does not try to jump the fence, dig, or display negative emotions while in the yard. He loves to run and play!

Joe pulls a bit while walking on his leash but now has a harness to help with that. Joe loves squeaky toys, no stuffing toys, nylon bones, and bully sticks, but tether ball is his favorite! Joe will be your BEST BUDDY! He follows his foster momma everywhere. 

His foster momma wants him to go to a great home! If you are ready to invest time into this precious boy and have a lot of love to give (and a yard!), wed love to meet you!"

If youre interested in 52 lb. Cup-A-Joe, email us at, and well put you in touch with his foster parents. 

Found at Isabelle Street & Faxon Avenue - 38122


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