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In shelter Dog

Memphis, TN, 38133
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Gray / Blue / Silver
Give a warm welcome to Cam #MASA16109! This two-year-old boy came to MAS on August 22 after roaming the 38118 area. Cam had the best Saturday on a foster field trip, and heres what his chaperone said about their time together:

"Cam was such a good boy on our adventure over the weekend! He loved walking around Mud Island and saying hi to everyone! Cam is very friendly, and whenever we stopped, hed immediately roll over for some belly rubs.

He seemed very interested in playing with other pups we passed and loved running a little! Cam is very outgoing and charming. Anyone would be beyond grateful to have this handsome boy in their life."

A volunteer spent time with Cam recently and said this:

"I had the privilege of bathing Mr. Cam to help alleviate some of his itchiness. He is the gentlest dog I have ever worked with. He was the best boy in the world during the bath! Cam let me clean him with no complaints and did not fuss when I needed to pick him up or clean his belly and paws. When he got out of the tub, he immediately had the zoomies and a big goofy grin. I could tell he was feeling a million times better!

Cam takes treats with the gentlest nibble and has giant puppy dog eyes. Anyone would be lucky to take home this handsome hunk!"

If youre interested in 56 lb. Cam, email or meet him at the shelter anytime during our daily visiting hours of 12-4 pm.

Found at Camden Street & Churchill Street - 38118


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