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In shelter Dog

Memphis, TN, 38133
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Brown / Chocolate
Say hi to Huckleberry #MASA15962! This two-year-old, heartworm-negative boy came to MAS on August 16 after roaming the 38108 area. Huckleberry had the best Saturday on a foster field trip, and heres what his chaperone said about their time together:

"Huckleberrys foster field trip must be titled "the adventures of huckleberry" because it was adventurous indeed! Huckleberry was such a good boy. He was a little afraid of the car at first, but at the end of the day, he was jumping into the backseat himself! He is a little timid about meeting new people, but he cannot get enough once he lets them pet him. 

During lunch, Huckleberry sat beside me, perfectly content, watching the cars pass by. After lunch, we went for a long walk in the park. He was so good on his leash and never pulled once! Huckleberry stayed beside me and curiously looked at other dogs, even the ones who barked at us! He is a sweet boy who took a second to open up, but once he did, he was all love!

Huckleberry would be a great companion for anyone who is okay giving him a million pets and pats."

If youre interested in 47 lb. Huckleberry, email or meet him at the shelter anytime during our daily visiting hours of 12-4 pm.

Found at Whittier Road & Ruskin Road - 38108


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