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In shelter Dog

Mississauga, ON, L5M 1Y3
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Pancho / M / 1Y / Mixed Breed / 31lbs / Good with Adults / No Kids Please / Needs Consistent and Clear Leadership / Some Dog Experience Required / No Downton Core / From Mexico / Fostered in Hamilton

Meet Pancho! This sweet and curious boy is cuddly, loving, and smart. He loves walks, stopping to smell all the roses, his chew toys, hotdogs, and butt scratches. Pancho was born in a shelter in Puebla City, Mexico. His mother had been rescued, and a few short days later, Pancho born! As Pancho is still very much a puppy, he is looking for a home that will continue to work with him on basic training - he is eager to learn and loves making his trusted humans proud!

Pancho is very friendly and great with people he knows, giving you lots of kisses. He sometimes barks at new friends, but after proper introductions and some patience he is very loving. He is most successful when introductions and social activity maintains some structure and his humans ensure his boundaries are respected. At this time, Pancho is only looking for adult centric environments (no kids please).

Pancho loves to play outside and prefers the quiet life so would like to live outside the city in a house with a yard. He currently gets two walks a day of about 45 minutes each, plus pee breaks. He is still learning to not pull on walks and requires a strong handler who is confident in redirecting him as needed.

Currently, Pancho is working through some reactivity and over stimulation when dogs pass him on walks. Being relatively new to the expectations of leash-walking and being a pet in the city, he is still learning how to interact respectfully. At the shelter, he enjoyed making new friends and played with other dogs well. Since being in Canada he hasnt had as many opportunities to interact freely with other dogs. His ideal family would have some dog experience and be prepared to help him work on his social skills.

Pancho is potty trained but not crate trained. He will cry for a short period after you leave, but settles quickly with a toy or a treat. He is currently doing well with free reign of a puppy-proof space when left alone for up to 3.5 hours.

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