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In shelter Dog

New York, NY, 10016
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
White / Cream
This cutie is Charles, and he recently came back to us after being adopted as a puppy. Charles isnt too happy about being back at the shelter and finds it really stressful, so he has his own room away from the commotion - but hes still pretty bummed. 

Charles is a very sweet boy and loves the company of people. He gets super excited when he gets visitors and is learning how to enjoy playtime and cuddles without being so nervous. We know that once hes settled in his own home hell feel so much better, we just have to find him one! 

We dont think that Charles had too much socialization for the year he was gone and we are not going to lie, its going to take a while for him to gain some confidence, but we know he can do it - especially with a loving parent by his side. We have seen so many nervous dogs go to their forever homes and change so drastically, its amazing what love and security can do to change a life for a pup like Charles. He has such a big heart, and we hope you come meet him! 

If this cutie is located in Manhattan, head to our Adoption Center to meet them and see if you are a match! If they are in a foster home, please submit an online application.


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