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In shelter Dog

San Leon, TX, 77565
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Are you a sporty and outdoorsy kind of person? Does the thought of crowds bug you and you prefer to enjoy nature just hanging out with your best Bud? If you are, then perhaps Buddy is your soulmate! Buddy is the perfect size not too big and not too little. Hes just the right size to take on a road trip and he doesnt even take up the whole bed, well unless he stretches out sideways! Buddy is also way past all of those silly and sometimes irritating puppy antics. He the perfect gentleman indoors and is even housebroken! I mean who wants to potty where you sleep? Not Buddy! Buddy is athletic and ball-driven. Even if you just sit on your tush and throw his ball, Buddy is a happy camper, just be sure to give him some additional brain games. He likes keeping his brain active and sharp so he can keep learning new things. Oh! Lets not forget about naps! Naps = good! Buddy has great leash skills and he can sit like a boss! He even knows a few other tricks, but you have to meet him to find out what they are. Buddy enjoys the company of people he knows and trusts but hes really more of an anti-crowd kinda guy. Chaotic festivals with tons of strange people and unpredictable kiddos running rampant are just not his thing. Im pretty darn sure Buddy is not alone and there are a lot of us who feel this way! Besides you have heard of stranger danger, right? Crowds, yuck! Kids? Thats a hard nope! Adults, yes please! With proper introductions (and a tennis ball!) Buddy does great with men and women! So, if you enjoy quiet hikes in nature, a nice jog in the fresh air or perhaps even sitting on top of a hill and sungazing with your best Bud beside you, Buddy just may be your guy. All Buddy wants is to be with his favorite person, enjoy life and play a little ball (oka lot of ball!). Thats not too much to ask, is it?

Buddy will need multiple meet and greets.

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