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In shelter Dog

Wheeling, IL, 60090
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
White / Cream
Oh Cam-Man, we just love this boy! Camden has been with us for over 3 months, and we really cannot understand why. He is a loving, funny, and deserving dog who has been overlooked for too long.

Camden came to Heartland in April after having quite the journey to get here. 

Camden was living outside in a burnt garage for months (the neighbors said he was there last summer). The search for Camden by animal control officers and a professional dog trapper began in October and he took 8 long weeks to catch. He was super smart and used every escape route possible, even breaking out of one of the traps that managed to catch him. Finally, he got more comfortable and was able to be caught and brought to a Chicago shelter in late November. He ended up staying there for 4 months and worked on socialization, joined dog playgroups, and went to obedience classes. When we visited the shelter to meet the dogs, we knew we had to make Camden a Heartland dog!

Camden is around 2 years old and will make such a nice companion! He is very social with other dogs, a playgroup regular! His best friends at the shelter are Nicks and Thunderpaws - he loves to romp around the play-yard with them, and wrestle - we call this the rough and rowdy group! He does bring the energy down with calmer dogs, too - whatever they prefer. He has qualities around the other dogs, making him a good "Helper Dog," to other dogs in the shelter. He helps other dogs feel comfortable, no matter what their playstyle or temperament is. Hes a really special guy!

Camden loves to chew, he is what we call a power chewer! We always make sure to provide him with Kongs and durable toys as different options to chew on. Stuffies dont last long with his tough mouth - he does best with benebones and nylabones. Sometimes we watch him toss his hard toys around the kennel and laugh - it makes a big boom. He has a funny habit of dumping his food bowl at mealtime - he always ends up eating it all off the floor, though! Luckily he is a clean guy who keeps his kennel clean! 

Camden loves rolling onto his back for belly rubs and really just loves every person he meets. He can come on strong but he is nothing but friendly - he is so very lovable for a big cuddly dog lover.

Cam is goofy and affectionate and oh so cute! We really hope a loving adopter or foster will open up their home to this amazing boy! If youre interested in adopting or fostering Camden, please email!

An added bonus, his adoption fee has been sponsored!