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In shelter Dog

Perth, ON, K7H 3C3
Pet name:
Newfoundland Dog
Coat length:
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Buddy loves walks as he needs lots of them to wear off his energy. A bored buddy is not good thing, he will become destructive.Eating blankets,plastic etc.He is crate trained loves to sleep in open door crate but not fond of having to go in it when I have to go out.He must be put in a crate or empty room no blanket ,collar etc.His prey drive is extremely high.He will pull and act up in walks when hes spotted cats,squirrels,chipmunks rabbits etc.He is currently being fostered with a male and female fosters. He tolerated the male and loves the 1yr old female.He pretty much stays to himself.plays a bit with the other two sometimes. He will come to you for some pets and hugs but the rest of the time he pretty much spends sleeping. .Pretty lazy fella whos main objectives are food water,search and find little critters on his walks which he absolutely loves unless its thunder and lightening then he will head for cover,lie down refuse to move or go out lol. Little rain he can be coaxed out for a pee break.Fireworks not good iether.Not alot of interest in humans .Can be grumpy with the others at times.Always good to keep an eye on him when he interacts with the male which they really dont that much.He barks when he hears people coming and going.Buddy is best suited with a single family home with a large fenced in yard to run around in is a must for this guy.As with all three of my fosters cats are a no go.Chickens,any small animals are a big big no no for this guy.Very big prey drive.Young children not a great idea.10 and up would be more suitable.enjoys his space and this needs to be respected.Yes I adore and luv this big guy??You just need to be very patient ,understanding and respectful with his quirks and alls good in buddy land.


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