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In shelter Dog

Minneapolis, MN, 55419
Pet name:
Norwegian Elkhound
Zeus is bold, goofy, lovable, and looking for his next adventure! He is the perfect combination of courageous and curious; serious and frivolous; enchanting and faithful. He is seeking a forever family that will love being greeted with a wiggly butt and full-face kisses. One who will take him on all sorts of adventures, and will unconditionally love all of his quirks and his bold personality. 

Zeus loves his people and isn’t afraid to show it! Zeus is a 5 year old, 70 pound, Norwegian Elkhound/Husky mix. True to his breeds, Zeus enjoys physical activity and mental engagement. Going for a walk or sitting outside is the best, most exciting part of his day. He has free-roam access of a fully fenced backyard and enjoys chasing
bunnies, treeing squirrels (and talking back when they chitter at him) and sniffing whatever might be under the deck. 

On days where walks or sitting outside isn’t possible, Zeus enjoys playing with treat dispensing toys, squeaking his toys, or watching the world go by out the window. He can be vocal when playing, exhibiting his excitement with play growls and woofs. At the end of the day, Zeus is 
ready for belly rubs and scratches, or sprawling out, spread eagle on the floor to snooze.

Zeus is looking for a strong, human pack leader to set the pace and routine of the household. He thrives on having a strong and confident human leader to look to for reassurance and teach him that the world isn’t such a scary place. Zeus is under socialized with respect to both human activities (biking, skateboarding, etc.) and other dogs. He takes on the mantra “fake it ‘till you make it;” instead of cowering when he is nervous or scared, he will try to act tough and bold. With a strong leader, he is learning that he doesn’t need to be nervous or scared of these things, but this is a continuing work in progress. 

Zeus also has separation anxiety; however, this is managed with anti-anxiety medications, exercise, and Kong/lick mats. He is not currently crated when left alone for short periods of time (up to 4 hours) and is doing well.

Zeus’ ideal adoptive home would be with an active single person or family with older children (16+years) who are not gone for extended periods of time. Due to him being under socialized with some human activities and dogs, we are not recommending Zeus go to a home with young children or other dogs. True to his breeds, Zeus has an 
 extremely high prey drive; therefore, he should not be in a home with cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, etc. His ideal adoptive home would be a single-family residence with a fence so he can free roam; however, a fenced-in yard is not required. Shared walls are not recommended due to Zeus expressing his loneliness with songs.

Zeus is a happy, healthy, faithful boy and will reward his forever family with laughs, love, and adventure!

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Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, heartworm/Lyme test, all age-appropriate vaccinations (distemper, rabies, & Bordetella), heartworm and flea/tick preventatives, and microchip implant including registration. Adoption fees INCLUDE a mandatory sales tax of 7.525%.

There is no guarantee of age and breed as a rescue animals history is often unknown. All ages and breeds are best guess.

Due to post-adoption services provided, we prefer to adopt within a 90-mile radius of Minneapolis; however, we will consider up to 250 miles if the adopter is willing to drive to cities as needed.


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