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Casper - in foster care Aunt Mary's Doghouse   

In shelter Dog

Amherst, VA, 24521
Pet name:
Casper - in foster care Aunt Mary's Doghouse
Pit Bull Terrier
Coat length:
Do you notice 1 common thing in all of Caspers pictures?

Yes that great smile is ALWAYS on his face.

4 things you dont see in the pictures:

•The fact hes DEAF.

•The fact his teeth are horribly worn down.

•The marks on his hind legs from previous laying on concrete.

•The fact he came in heartworm positive.

Casper is a complete love despite the condition he came in.

He rode beautifully in the van last week to Diamond Hill Animal Hospital for his heartworm treatment.  
He felt special getting a ride, someone giving him one on one time.

Casper being deaf means he needs a special home that will keep an eye in him because if he were to get lost you cant do recall.

If you are willing to teach him signing that would be a huge plus to us!

At 6+ years old & 60 pounds he has fantastic eye contact.
That killer smile makes him so adorable dont you agree?!

It was hard taking pictures because he wanted to be very close.

Dog & cat friendly.  Walks great on a leash too.

If you want to give a discarded throw away dog a beautiful future than apply for this wonderful dog!

As always we cover the entire heartworm treatment. 
His adoption fee since over 50 pounds is just $75.

You know what they say..
One persons trash is another persons treasure!

VIDEO in comments section on our Facebook page.

To apply please go to


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