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In shelter Dog

Ardmore, PA, 19003
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
URGENT PLEA:  Hello there,  THIS CUDDLY CUTIE PIE IS SCHEDULED TO DIE UNLESS HE FINDS A HERO TO OFFER HIM A TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT HOME RIGHT AWAY.  Marvin is a super fantastic dog who is scheduled for imminent euthanasia.  His days are severely numbered.   He has had a rough life this far and needs a special friend to change that for him and show him how good life can be.  This sweetheart was 
abandoned and picked up by animal control.  Whoever
had him before had burned his back and tail so his entire back and sides of his tail are scarred.  No creature should face such a horrible life.  NOW HE IS DEPRESSED AND IS SHUTTING DOWN AT THE SHELTER.  PLEASE WONT SOMEONE STEP UP TO BE HIS HERO EVEN IF JUST TEMPORARILY TO KEEP HIM FROM FACING CERTAIN DEATH!  He is a youngster, estimated to be about 2 years old far to young to die.
Before giving up on life and shutting down he was and if saved will again be an incredible addition to you or your family.

Heres what his bio said before he shut down.

Meet Marvin
Marvin is an amazing dog! He was abandoned and picked up by Animal Control as a stray. There are scars on his entire back and down both sides of his tail from burns. He’s had a rough life so far, but he’s ready to turn that into a perfect life
In spite of his injuries, Marvin is a loving, snuggly pitbull. He’s always happy, but he’s definitely happiest when interacting with people. He loves to play fetch and run around with squeaky toys. But when his mischievous side shows up, he loves to play ‘keep away.’ If you’re looking for a great dog to complete your life, Marvin should be at the top of your list!

If you can offer him a spot to lay his head, even if its just
temporary, Marvin promises to make it worth your while.
He has sooo much to offer!

If you could be his hero please call Theresa Lukasik at
708-692-6070 TODAY!!


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