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In shelter Dog

Cabool, MO, 65689
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Please contact Susan ( for more information about this pet.DC is a wonderful, loving, fun kid who wants nothing more from life but a friend to hang with, go on a few walks a week and just live a life of love and care in an adult setting. He MUST have a fenced attached yard or he will roam off in search of an adventure that will end badly!

DC is thriving in foster care! He has taught his foster parents that he LOVES to chase a ball! Might bring it back, might prefer to play keep away but either way BALL IS A MUST! He is very passionate about playing ball and will need a new guardian that would love to play ball too!!
DC is a beautiful young adult bull who came from circumstances that define his emotional needs. He is a smart, sensitive and affectionate boy who is a people pleaser but due to his past life he is very unsure and will quickly be submissive. He needs a guardian that is firm, gentle and will lend him some confidence and assurance that he IS a good boy and its ok, he does not need to worry about doing wrong and facing horrible punishment and pain. He just wants to make his human happy! This dog has illustrated that he is not clear on what is his bad and what is not his bad and at some point was punished harshly for things that he did not have a hand in, maybe an angry human or just drunks or who knows what. Many times the ego plays a role in some human types to select this breed and they imprint their lack of self confidence in domination over the powerful beast, some how that makes certain humans feel better about themselves. We dont play into that mentality and will be watching for signs as to avoid placing him where he will face it again.
DC will sit and speak on request, which is fun! He is good on a leash and will spend all afternoon just playing, romping and snorting around the yard. He enjoys toys and will chase squirrels and birds, which usually qualifies him as not a cat person! He loves to throw and chase so might be a good ball chaser with the right human!
He very much likes other dogs but needs possible housemates (if any) that would hold up to some seriously not gentle but fast play. He would not be a good housemate to small, fragile or easily annoyed furkids. He does well with the furkids in his foster home but they are all big and busy kids like himself. We are so heart warmed to see him engage is care free play and running around just to run and feel the freedom it offers.
DC will need a fenced yard because he will suffer discrimination from neighbors and local governments wherever he lands. He will so need the freedom of going into his yard where he knows its safe and he can enjoy the carefree time that has been so instrumental in his progress this far.
DC has an adoption donation of $175 of which $150 + any addition donation amount will be tax deductible for you
Poor guy does have a sensitivity to topical flea treatments so his new family would have to be committed to Nexguard Chewables as part of his regimen. DC is 22 inches at the shoulder, broad and strong weighing in at 70 lbs of solid muscle! He will need a gentle, firm pack leader with a super tight fence. Since he got in trouble over a domestic disturbance and quiet no kids home would be ideal. He loves Leash Walks!!! Please submit your interst at this linik

Glad to answer any questions at all! 8/28/22 8:15 AM


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