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In shelter Dog

Concord, NH, 03301
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Pit Bull Terrier
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~ THIS IS A COURTESY POST ~ PLZ DO NOT CONTACT MASSPAWS ~ To adopt this special dog, please complete an ARK application by copying and pasting this link into your browser: 
This beautiful, handsome boy  with an infectious smile and inquisitive golden eyes that actually sparkle will bring a new found energy to your life. He is looking for his person. An active single or couple that has large working dog experience. He would love having an active canine brother or sister, but he would also do well as an only dog too. 

This beautiful, handsome boy  with an infectious smile and inquisitive golden eyes that actually sparkle will bring a new found energy to your life. He is looking for his person. An active single or couple that has large working dog experience. He would like having an active but balanced canine brother or sister that he can not only play with but learn from too,  but he would also do very well as an only dog too. 

Zachary is a one-year old male currently that just completed a board and training session with Five Rings  in Hanson, MA readying himself  for his next chapter in life.  You!!  He has a lot of energy and he  is learning how to use it. He is freshening up on his greeting manners as well and still struggles with jumping up and hugging you. He is so unique in personality and appearance.  Did you notice how much he loves the camera? Photos easily capture his active physicality as well as his effervescent charm. On the other paw, since Zachary is part coonhound you should know this breed is a late bloomer. Some do not mature until they are 2.5-years old. We did say he is special, and unique!

Zachary is a dog that loves affection and activities of all kinds. He also loves just hanging with his people, cuddling on the couch or in his bed, and exploring the world that he is just now discovering. Zachary is also like a four-month old puppy in an adolescent body. On the bright side he’s past the potty-training, crate-training, and teething stages. Like a blank slate, he is eager to be molded into a well-trained dog he is learning to be with a calm, confident owner to guide him. 

Though young and active, he also settles nicely. He does very well in his crate, respects baby gates, is housetrained, and sleeps through the night. He loves playing with toys and exploring the outdoors. And he can entertain himself in the fenced-in yard that is a must.   He would make a great running partner and excel at agility. He also loves to use his mind and is always ready to learn anything you want to teach him. 

Zachary was kept in his crate most of his short life. He lived with small children, a cat, and another dog in a very small apartment. He had little socialization outside the home and is continuing to build his confidence and learn  the outside world. 

He  must continue the structure and consistency that his foster and trainer have provided. He is learning to walk well on leash and not focus so much on passing cars, motorcycles, people and dogs.  He is getting better every day. His adopter will have to continue this so he doesn’t fall  back into an unconfident, frightened dog with high pitched barking when things pass him by. 

  Zach  will still need someone with large dog experience and hopefully some hound experience as well. Someone with commitment to build a relationship based on trust.  His adopter Must have at least a 6-foot privacy fence as he can jump a 4-5 foot one.  Because hounds will escape at any opportunity, a tall privacy fence is a MUST. 

Previously he did well living with kids but we ask that new human siblings be ages 12+ and have big dog experience. 

Zachary is ready for a new ‘leash’ on life. Will you help him reach his potential and guide him every step of the way? To be his rescue hero, please apply to adopt Zachary at #ARKforZachary #JustSaveThem

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