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In shelter Dog

Deerfield, IL, 60015
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Brown / Chocolate
Looking for a buddy to relax in the sun with? Deandre is your boy! Deandre (also known as "D") is a volunteer favorite here at the shelter. This handsome, four year old is smart, playful, and very affectionate! He can also self-entertain by throwing his favorite toys around the yard. He recently spent the weekend with one of his favorite volunteers! We were able to learn a lot about him in a home environment. His shelter Mom said:

 "I am happy to report that D is a really quiet and affectionate dog that was friendly to everyone he met over the 3 days he was in my home. D played fetch and tug of war with me and my son. We had 3 long walks everyday where he saw other people with dogs of all sizes, and although he was interested and looked hard at them, he never pulled or barked as we walked past them across the street or saw them at a distance. He met my neighbors dog through the fence and seemed very friendly to her without barking at all, just tails wagging and they ran the length of the fence. She is the same size he is, and was barking at him, but he did not bark back. He is definitely interested in squirrels, but never pulled too hard once he was redirected. I do not have any small children, but we did see many at the park, and D did not seem nervous about new people or kids as we walked by. Since he is used to the shelter schedule, he seemed tired early, so we would go for our last walk around 6:30-7pm and he would come home and relax until he went to bed. D is definitely housebroken and did not have any accidents. He stood at the door when he needed to go out to do his business. Deandre knows sit, paw, down, no, and he is learning stay. He is a smart dog that just wants to please you. Deandre is a very chill dog who likes to be with you. He leans into you when he is sitting near and gives lots of kisses. He likes to please you and although he gets the zoomies running in the backyard at times, overall, he is a calm dog, that is easy to manage and love."

Deandre has been at the shelter almost a year and is a wonderful dog that needs to find his forever home! Deandre also comes with 4 sponsored training sessions with our friends from GoodPup! Come on in and meet this loving, handsome boy!


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