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In shelter Dog

Englewood, CO, 80112
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
White / Cream
Our adoption application can be found at the bottom of this pets bio. Once your application is approved, we can arrange a Facetime / virtual meet & greet with Xander.

Xander is currently in a foster home in Houston, TX and is eligible to transport to an adopter as soon as one is lined up.

Meet Xander!

Xander is estimated to be about 1 and a half years old. Xander is a neutered male, pit mix who currently weighs about 70 lbs. He is fully vaccinated, microchipped & ready to find a family to call his own.

Xander LOVES dogs and he would LOVE to be adopted by a family with another dog. Xander currently lives in a foster home that has dogs of all ages, sizes and genders and he does well with everyone! We have a 7 pound chihuahua and he is very gentle with her. She will even correct him during play and he knows shes the boss! He loves to play so he would do best in a home with another dog who can match his play style and energy level! Although Xander loves playing, he will also relax on the couch. 

Xander has not been exposed to cats, other than on walks through the neighborhood. We believe he would do best in a home without cats. He gets very excited when he sees them on walks and tries to get close to them. Hes very curious of them. 

Xander has not been around small children, but he is a big boy and does get excited to see his people after theyve been gone all day. He likes to jump up and give hugs, (were working on correcting this) so we would recommend a home with no small children. 

Xander has been trained using a vibrating collar and does really well on walks while wearing his collar. Xander is SO eager to please his humans and craves direction from his people. He is an extremely smart dog. He knows sit, down, off, stay, touch, drop it and kennel. He also knows some phrases such as; "lets go potty" or "want to go in the car?". He will sit and wait for you to put his food bowl down before he will start to eat. 

In the hundreds of dogs that I have worked with; Xander is the BEST car rider. He sits calmly in the backseat and looks out the window. If the front seat is available he will sometimes come sit in the passenger seat and look out the window. When he walks out the front door he immediately goes to the car door and sits and waits to be let inside. 

Xander does fantastic in a kennel and he is also able to free roam when we leave him to run errands. He mostly just sleeps on the couch. Xander is fully potty trained and does not have accidents in the house.

More than anything- Xander LOVES playing tug. It is definitely his favorite thing in the world! When we come home for the day he will grab whatever toy he can and run to us to play tug! Its the cutest thing. Usually about 5 minutes of tug will wear him out. He will sometimes play tug with his doggie siblings, but he prefers to play tug with humans. Xander shares toys and food with other dogs SO well, but he does get jealous if he sees someone playing tug with another dog. He also loves squeaky toys. 

Some of Xanders quirks; he does not like to be grabbed by his collar or forced to do anything by using his collar or neck. I believe hes had some trauma or abuse related to his neck because he doesnt like that. 
Xander is protective of his home and barks when people come over. We are actively training him and trying to teach him that not everyone that comes into our home is bad or not welcome. 

He LOVES chasing lizards in the yard and sunbathing. Xander would make a great adventure or running buddy. 

He is honestly such a great dog and I (his foster mom) have grown so attached to him. Some of his nicknames are Xan-Man and bing bong (he is so goofy). I know that he will make a great addition to any family!

Interested in learning more about Xander or applying to adopt him? Fill out an adoption application on our website!


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