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In shelter Dog

Fayetteville, NC, 28303
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Gray / Blue / Silver
Coat length:
What is the Animals Name? Zeus
Where is the Animals located? Fayetteville NC
What is the Animals Age? 3 years old
What is the Animals Breed? Blue Razorback Pit 
What is the Animals Gender? Male
What is the Animals Weight?  30 lbs 
Was the animal a stray? No. Owner surrenders 
Is the animal Spayed or neutered? Yes 
Is the animal Up-to-date on shots & vaccinations? Yes !
?Do he have any behavior issues or concerns? 
None that we have encountered at this time but he doesn’t really like to be left alone for long periods of time. If he sees you leaving he will bark for you not to leave him behind, but then he usually falls asleep. Sweet as sugar and listens better than my husband. Does not like rain or thundershowers, he shakes like a leaf on a tree in bad wind during these times, you can calm him with belly rubs during storms. 
He does love all kinds of potato chips tho. 
?Is the dog on heart-worm prevention? Yes 
?Is the dog being tested for heartworm’s in the last six months? Yes, tested neg 
?Is the animal good with other dogs? 
At this time, we’re listing him as an only dog. Dog intros are tough. He has zero siblings, and He has been the only child in the home but he was introduced to a little male Westie and did fine. He had an encounter with a crazy, barking dogs one time and did fine, even in the hostile situation he did fine, but he may be dog selective , we really don’t know, and he prob enjoyed being the only child. I mean hey, who wouldn’t want all the attention. 
?Is the animal good with Cats? Let’s go with No, that seems like a solid plan. 
?Is the animal good with kids? Yes. But how tough are your kids? Older kids, no small
Kids , He is a fast running machine when balls are involved. No human, big nor small gets treated differently by Zeus when he is on a mission to retrieve a ball. 
He is in your face, on your lap and he’s gonna love you. And he’s gonna love you so much it hurts. Body parts do get stepped on. Some of those body parts are more sensitive than others, and he will step on them all when he is excited. 
?He has been around Kids at the homeless shelter. But He will knock small Kids over by running like a Mac truck in the yard when he gets excited playing with his toys. 
Everything is a game so if your kid ain’t ready then I suggest no Zeus. 
Recommendation of older children unless you’ve also got “bull in a China shop” kids. 
He can also get “mouthy” when he gets overstimulated. Try’s to Chew on your hands. Try’s to take toys out of your hand, watch him closely when holding his toy. He will try to snatch it quick before you throw it. He redirects very nicely with treats that’s appropriate. He was also “humpy” the first couple days. No, I didn’t try to type “jumpy” I meant to type “humpy”. No, he isn’t trying to dominate you or your kids. He’s overexcited and probably has some nervous energy with all the newness. The humping behavior was easily redirected and stopped quickly as he settled in. 
?What is his Leash Manners? Get that harness ready and hold on tight. Zeus  is gonna take you for a walk, he can’t decide which side is his and he like to see who is stronger, you or him.
He’s got energy  for days, and he is  comin’ in hot. He moving like Richard Simmons in a workout video. Those dry clothes you’re wearing...well...they’re no longer dry after a 30 min walk with Zeus, Why didn’t you just wear a rain suit. Lol But we are working on this and hey, your both shedding pounds. 
He will fart, they are deadly smelling. 
While sleeping one night he farted so loud, I thought It was Ft. Bragg training. Zeus  was jolted awake by the noise and the forceful vibration of his own butthole. He was terrified and he looked at me like he was scared? 
Now, imagine laying next to him, Nothing like a dog and a human both having the crap scared out of a fart. That fart took quite a few minutes for us to both calm down from. Scariest fart of our lives.  But his farting has stopped since his tummy issues are gone and we have him on a constant type  of food. 
?Zeus is a goof!  There’s not much he takes too seriously. Besides treats. Treats are serious business! He will do just about anything for a treat. Even stuff he really doesn’t want to do. But treats are life. He loves peanut butter in his bones and kabobs. No rawhide! 
?With his big smile, cross eyes and personality we think Zeus will still find his furever home, even after the rough life he has endured. He  is super treat motivated and with some training and consistency, he’ll be well on his way to being the perfect dog. 
His farts will still be smelly though. You can’t fix that. Embrace the farts. 
?Zeus overall an easy dog that is sweet, smart, happy, cuddly and laid back. He loves playing catch, chasing his toys, but he likes to relax and naps a lot too. He is more than happy to lounge around in bed and watch tv with his humans. 
?Is the animal good with strangers? 
Slow introduction works well for Zeuz, act like you’ve known him for years and your Golden with him. Strangers  should not act scared of him or raise their hand to him, sudden movements are for ninjas, not Zeus. 
?Is the animal crate trained? He has never been in a crate. Crate is a debate in this situation. Former owner was homeless, so Zeus  life was staying in a tent, tied up to a pole in rainy, hot, cold weather and living in motels.  I would say being in a crate would be a total of mass destruction, But hey, it’s worth a whirl. 
?Is the animal House trained? 
For the most part he can hold his pee like Michael Phelps can hold his breathe under water, but if left for long periods of time, a accident might happen. Not very often. 
He was a “marker” the first couple days. This was not a matter of potty training but that he was marking new areas. The marking completely stopped within a couple days. He’s been good about going outside. He goes out and does his business and comes back inside and goes straight playing with his balls. His toy balls, cause he no longer has any. Yes he is neutered. 
?Is the animal microchip? Yes to Pet Angel Fund 
Does the animal have any medical concerns or need medication? We give him a Pill for anxiety when we are going to be gone for a long period of time just so he doesn’t think we have abandoned him like the last person in his life. Once he gets use to a schedule, he seems fine. 
?Home recommendation: Fenced in yard a must, unless you are a runner and can exercise him daily,
??He also liked to sleep with you. On the cough, in the bed, but if you don’t allow that it’s ok, just no crates. And he sleeps his butt to your face mostly. 
?Did the animal come from a rescue? Yes, pet Angel Fund 

Zeus is an active boy! A perfect day for this fella would include one with lots and lots of Chuck-It balls for him to chase after. 
If you have two balls, he will drop the one he has so that you can throw the ball in your hand, he also loves to play catch, and he has amazing accuracy! 
Zeus just wants a best friend, a person to love him and give him the attention he deserves (and he is SO deserving). 
If you’re interested in meeting this perfect specimen of a dog to foster or be your forever best friend, please contact us


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