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Bravo (Tyson)   

In shelter Dog

Harrisburg, PA, 17111
Pet name:
Bravo (Tyson)
Pit Bull Terrier
No kids under 10, no cats, depends on dogs.

Yo! It’s Bravo! I am an almost 2 year old Pit Bull mix. I arrived here back in April as a stray in awful shape. You could probably count every bone on my body. I am so glad I made it here to be given much needed TLC, a safe place to sleep and all the yummy meals. I put on weight and am ready to find a home. I do ask that any children I live with be at least 10 years old. I do not like being bothered while eating or sharing my delicious bones. Being that I was very underweight, food is so valuable to me. It is best to trade me for something else or just leave me be! I don’t leave any kibble behind and always clean my plate! I am a smart boy and have basic commands down pat. I also roll over! Well.. half way, but with some help I can roll all the way. I cannot with cats and if you have another dog, it’ll depend. I was pretty tense and unsure meeting a dog here, but after hanging out for a bit, I did loosen up. I can coexist just fine, but really not sure what to think when play was initiated. I would not mind being and only dog or perhaps a calm dog that’ll give me space will do.