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In shelter Dog

Houston, TX, 77070
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Brown / Chocolate
Hi, Im Radar! I came into my foster home after living on the streets. Despite this I am the happiest of dogs and have a lot of energy to go with all this happiness. I love to learn (am very treat oriented) and am learning so much! Im almost 100% potty trained. Ill go to the door when I need to be let out. Sometimes Ill whine a bit, but if Im not heard or seen at the door... I might have an accident. My foster mom says Im down to one accident every couple of weeks - Yay me! Im learning to sit and am very patient when my food is getting ready. Im learning to play fetch. Want to throw the ball and have me chase? It will be the best day ever! I love dog toys that make noise. Got a new squeak toy the other day and it completely made my whole day. I got to cuddle with my foster mom on the sofa and we both took a nap - we both enjoyed those snuggles! I love to play with my foster-fur siblings. I can be a bit goofy, so tiny dogs might get stomped. I love to play tug-of-war with my big foster-fur sister. (She let me win). I love to play in the rain, drink water from the hose, and chase frongs. I sleep all night in my cozy kennel filled with my favorite plush toys and only whine a bit in the morning when I need to go out. I need a fenced back yard to run around in - I can literally entertain myself with my toys, but would love a fur brother/sister to play with. Want a running buddy, someone to take hiking, someone to play with in the back yard...? Im your guy! I cant wait to meet you.


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