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Cane (pudge)   

In shelter Dog

Minneapolis, MN, 55430
Pet name:
Cane (pudge)
Pit Bull Terrier
Gray / Blue / Silver
Coat length:
Sex: MALE     Age: 6 years

BEST as the only dog, NO cats, KIDS 15+ only


 Hello! My name is Cane, but my foster family calls me ‘Pudge’ and I think I like that name better. I have sort of a sad story, but I know that’s going to change now that I am in rescue. When my owner passed away I was left alone. They had family, but they didn’t want to take me in. I was running around the streets for a bit before I found a porch that I thought looked safe and so I went and sat on it and waited for someone to help me. The porch that I found myself sitting on belonged to someone who had a friend that worked in rescue. They offered to help me find somewhere to go so that I could find my forever home again. Now I am here and so happy with my foster family! I was not neutered when I came into the rescue so I was a bit dominant at first, but now that that’s been taken care of I’ve definitely calmed down a lot. I am going to need a strong handler either way. I respond well to men, but I would do just fine with a woman that was firm as well. I’ve been working really hard on following the rules, and I don’t want to go backwards on that. Don’t let having to be firm with me dissuade you from thinking that I don’t love to snuggle, in fact it’s one of my favorite things to do. I love to snuggle with my humans and my foster brother and sister. Even if there’s no room on the couch, watch out I’m coming to cuddle anyways :) I also absolutely LOVE car rides so when at all possible I’d love to be your riding buddy. I do however need some leash training; I’m a bit of a puller. Now, it is assumed that I have never had proper kennel training before. I really hated the kennel at first, but I’m fine hanging out in one if I have to. I’m mostly fine with just sitting in there on my own and playing with my blankets with the kennel door open, but I much prefer to be with my foster family. I also do very well when I have just a small space that I can be in. Due to still having some dominant tendencies I would need very slow intros to any other dog in the household, but I would do best being the only dog in the home. I get along really well with my foster sister and brother, but they are both very submissive and it took a while before we all became friends. Definitely no cats or small children as I tend to get very excited, although I did meet a toddler once and was surprisingly gentle. Sometimes my excitement gets the better of me and I forget that I am a big boy and can knock people over. I am very protective of my people and my home so I do like to bark a bit, but I calm down after awhile. I am truly working hard, but I am going to be a work in progress, and I have faith that I will do awesome with my forever family. My foster mom says I am a smart boy and learn quickly. She also calls me a dork, but I think she means it in a nice way. I know that my story seems like a lot and that I come with some rules, but it’s truly to make me the best boy that I can be for the rest of my life. If you are up for the adventure, please fill out my application, and let’s see if we are a great match. Until we can meet, I am going to keep working on my manners and following the rules and waiting for my forever people. Love, Pudge :) (UPDATED 10/29/21)


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