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In shelter Dog

Philadelphia, PA, 19140
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Rex ACCT-A-64982

Intake: Stray
Sex: Male
Age: 6 years
Altered: Yes

Personality: Heres a medium dog that would love to just cuddle up with you for a movie marathon! Rex loves taking walks around the neighborhood- even five year olds have to keep their body in shape! Hes shy at first, but it only takes a tiny bit of effort, a good home, and a few treats, for him to show how loving he can be! 

Medical Observations:
(2/21) Patient appears healthy, asides from being underweight and having a low grade heart murmur. Heart murmur does not preclude surgery at the shelter, however recommend adoption with medical waiver indicating heart murmur presence. 

Behavior Observations:
(3/6) Volunteer Note -- Leash biting onsite. He doesnt go up the leash but does do that hard tug as he flips his head back and forth. Once we got moving, he dropped the leash and began walking. For the remainder of our walk he would periodically grab the leash and begin to leash bite, before dropping it voluntarily and continuing to walk. He did this several times, the episodes only lasted 10-15 seconds. So hes not a consistent leash biter but when he is doing it, he tugs hard and puts his weight into it. Returning to kennel he became a bit reactive to passing dogs as we walked through the kennels. No issues returning to kennel.
(2/28) Short Term foster -- Rex is a very sweet and gentle dog. He was shy at first, but showed improvement each day by coming out of his shell when he was with me.
(2/21) Lifesaving -- Slight hesitation but overall easy to loop. Distracted going back in but no real issues. Pulls on leash and would do best harnessed, but manageable if not. Aroused but allows all over handling. Will come to handler for more pets when stopped. Engages in tag/chase games followed by LOTS of zoomies! Will jump on handler gently. No interest in toys at this time. Suggested Running Team. Evaluated Gold.
(2/21) Per Vet Staff -- Friendly
(2/18) Per Finder -- Friendly, well mannered, sweet 

This animal is currently available from foster care through ACCT Phillys Adoptions Programs. This animal is not onsite. If the foster has not listed a personal email, contact to be put in touch with the foster. 

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