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In shelter Dog

Philadelphia, PA, 19140
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Meet Treston! Treston is an energetic, loveable 4 yr old pup. He is social with other dogs, and is currently in foster with two dogs, but really loves human companionship! He loves to be by your side and will follow you like a shadow. Trestons hobbies include cuddling, snuggling, and whatever your hobbies are 

Trestons least favorite thing is alone time. Hes still learning how to enjoy solo-time in his crate. Hes known to be a very successful escape artist when his foster mama isnt around. Trestons ideal adopter would be someone who understands his social needs and can continue building a positive experience for him when crating - tasty enrichment like a kong or chewy bone helps!

When Treston is happy he is an excitable guy! He can be bouncey and energetic so a home without small children is ideal.

Treston is very food motivated and a star student when it comes to training. He would love an active home that can provide him daily exercise and ongoing positive reinforcement training so he can be the very best boy hes destined to be!

Want to know more about Treston or setup a meet? Email his foster Mackenzie at

Read on below to hear what his volunteer buddies had to say about him when he was at the shelter.

Staff and volunteers both have great things to say about this cutie!

Per behavior staff 7/15: He was high energy and super playful with tag, but also very gentle the entire time. He did not jump and would approach attempting to play and curl up next to my legs for affection.

Per volunteer 7/16 in regard to Dozer and Treston:
These two didnt know each other but would have thought they did. They were the perfect friend combo! Dozer was so scared to leave the building. Once outside we met Treston who did an excellent job being patient to having Dozer as a shadow. Treston is calm and walks nicely on leash. He likes to sniff outside and go for a casual walk. Dozer kept up behind. Everything Treston was smelling so was Dozer. Dozer became much more comfortable and the two began to play. Dozer is cuddle motivated and Treston is treat motivated. We cautiously gave treats to the two and both were so patient. Treston would make an excellent foster. He is great with others (people and dog) and his barky kennel presence at times can be off putting.

Per volunteer 7/16: Awww this guy is so nice outside his kennel. Has good dog meet. Let me leash him and go out. Pulls a little on the leash at first. Knows sit. So sweet, loves being pet. Very nice boy. Very treat motivated.

Per volunteer 7/23: Treston was such a good boy in the car! He was really excited to be out and about but I think the amount of people and dogs are the farmers market was overwhelming for him. He didnt appear aggressive towards dogs but reallllllly wanted to get to them and was becoming over stimulated. Did great with people, knows sit and loves hot dogs


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