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In shelter Dog

Philadelphia, PA, 19140
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
!!! AVAILABLE for Adoption from Foster Care !!! DEKU - A#43979015Dog Meets:Jesse and Deku - and Bufflehead 1 - and Bufflehead 2 - and Deku - and Deku - and Deku 1 - and Deku 2 - and Chanel - Meet Deku! This beautiful brindle bub is seeking a forever home with a pup pal (or two!) to romp and snug with. Deku would make a great companion to you and your other four-legged best friend. Reach out to to be put in touch with his foster and find out more!Intake Type: (3/7) StrayWeight: 43.80 lbsMedical Observation:(3/11) Recheck - Young adult male intact k9 with healing skin rash (rule out second to flea allergy)- no fleas visible on exam.(3/9) Vet Check - Patient has allergic dermatitis most consistent with flea allergic dermatitis. Patient is also very overstimulated in kennel. Behavior Observation: (3/11) Vet Staff- Tolerant, allowed exam and handling(3/9) Lifesaving - Good being leashed and leaving kennel. Didnt want to return to kennel- handler had to climb into kennel and coax dog back in. Minimal to moderate pulling on leash. Leash bit a few times but would drop leash on his own shortly after. Tense/allows handling. Twitchy with handling at times, but was also social and allows pets. Nervous but solicits attention at times. Engages in tag with handler- grabs leash during tag. Stops when handler stops. Jumpy at times. Interested in toys and will chase them and pick them up but will drop them right after. Evaluated Blue.(3/9) Vet Staff - After visual exam by, I needed a weight for dog to schedule meds. Dog was out of kennel, I found him playing in the yard with a front desk staff member. I was able to get him out and weigh him without incident although he did not want to return to his kennel I was able to lead him by going in first.(3/9) Vet Staff - Patient was hard barking at kennel, with dilated pupils and piloerection. (3/7) ACO- dog is reactiveThis animal is currently available from foster care through ACCT Phillys Adoptions Programs. If the foster has not listed a personal email, contact to be put in touch with the foster.We encourage you to visit our shelter during our adoption hours to view our complete selection of available animals. In preparation for your visit, please make sure to visit to review our adoption requirements, hours of operation, upcoming events, and more!Is this your missing pet? If you believe so, please make sure to follow the instructions listed at so that we can make sure that you are reunited as soon as possible!