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In shelter Dog

Philadelphia, PA, 19140
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
!!! Located at ACCT Philly, 111 W Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia PA !!!Bentley A44055366Intake Type: (3/20) Owner/ Guardian Surrender -- Bite HistoryDog Meets:Bentley and Lexx: and Peanut: Catches Treats!: having fun in the play yard: Observation:(4/5) Vet Check -- Adult male neutered pittie with multiple bite history per owner surrender notes. Being treated for URI and now has reportedly decreased appetite in kennels that may be related to URI, medication, stress or combination of all three. URI is showing improvement with medication and no evidence of medical decline, but if he is not taking his meds not safe to directly pill. Will treat supportively and monitor appetite etc. Currently on trazodone for behavior and should monitor for behavioral decline.(3/21) PE: Apparently HealthyBehavior Observation:(4/10) Evaluation -- Aroused in kennel and attempts to push past handler when being leashed up to exit. Pulls extremely hard while walking and is prone to sudden "yanks" on the end of the leash. Allows handling of the head, back, and buttocks but overall, very aroused and mostly uninterested in handling at this time. Engages in tag/chase games in short spurts before being distracted with environment (birds, visitors, cars in street, etc). Will chase a ball but quickly lose interest, and will drop a ball for another to be thrown.(4/5) Per Vet Staff -- not interested in interacting with handlers, dilated pupils and some aversive behavior - turns away from people, trying to back up and move into corners, some thrashing when muzzled for exam and treatments. Not overtly aggressive or trying to bite.(3/26) Per Staff -- Nervous in kennel. Dodged leash but exited easily. Zig-zags and pulls heavily on leash. Avoided all handling in run. Pacing, heavy panting. Hesitant to return to kennel. Immediately retreated once returned, and would not allow leash to be removed.(3/22) Per Staff -- When assessor approaches on morning walkthrough, Bentley is at front of kennel growling and whale eyed. Will not accept treats.(3/20) Per Previous Owner -- protective, active, aggressive with strangers, playful, jumps on people, very selective with people he likes. Always fine with owners children but not with other children. Affectionate, listens, playful. Pulls a little on leash. Knows sit, paw, lay down. +Bite Details+Owners daughter was playing with dog on the couch. Dog pulled a blanket off of daughter, daughter went to grab blanket back, and then dog bit "nipped" daughters top right face cheek. Dog knew he did something wrong, owner said dog was scared after the bite. Level 3, drew blood, owner did take her daughter a clinic and they gave the daughter antibiotics. Dog is up to date on vaccines, according to owner who took the dog to vet about 6 months ago for shots.This animal may be available through ACCT Phillys Adoption Program. As this pet goes through the shelter processes, medical and behavior information are updated here! They may become specially promoted for Events or our Adoptions Programs, or may require transfer through our Love Local ProgramTo view our list of adoptable animals, please visit learn more about our Love Local Program, please visit this your missing pet? If you believe so, please make sure to follow the instructions listed at so that we can make sure that you are reunited as soon as possible! as more information is known.We are the Animal Control facility for Philadelphia, and we are open for adoption, foster and rescue placement Monday through Friday from 1pm to 7pm, Weekends and Holidays from 10 am to 5pm.


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