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In shelter Dog

Sacramento, CA, 95833
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Coat length:
Pugsley is a big puppy; just a giant ol goofball. He’s been growing and filling out really well into one amazing and sweet dog. He has beautiful golden eyes and the most lovely sleek brindle coat. He is incredibly food motivated! He loves to play fetch with his rope, and like to chase balls but doesn’t bring them back as well like he does with the rope. 

Pugsley is crate trained, and house trained. He only has accidents when he’s extremely excited and just can’t make it to the door in time because he gets distracted, but he’s improving with it and it almost never happens. He a year old, and fully vetted, neutered, and chipped. He picks up daily routines well, and goes in his kennel freely, he likes to play in the water. He is good in the bath and loves to be scrubbed. He knows sit, and Down, and is working on come and stay.  

Pugsley loves kongs, Especially frozen ones.  They will keep him busy for hours at a time.  He is very dog friendly; he loves all dogs, he will bark sometimes when meeting a new dog if he’s leashes but warms up so quickly. He can be a lot for other dogs, so he Would do best with a larger tolerant dog.  He’s great with smaller dogs too, just doesn’t really know how big he is. He likes to lick and be affectionate, and will always roll over in front of any dog he meets trying to get their love back.  

Pugsley is a little more shy with new people, he takes a few minutes to warmer up, but once he knows you are safe he will be your best friend.  It’s never taken him over 5 or so minutes to warm up to anyone. Pugsley loves kids; he’s never met one he didn’t take to almost immediately. 

He needs to be picked up and put in the car but once inside he rides well,  he does get carsick going long distances. Pugsley does need work on leash walking but it’s something we are working on. Pugsley is a pretty terrific dog, and anyone would be lucky to have him!! 

If you are interested in adopting please send a detailed message to fill out a adoption application for us to review. He is a big puppy that will need continued training, socializing, and consistency. Be sure you have the time, energy and resources for a new dog!

We do require home owners only with a fully fenced in yard. Home owners insurance must cover pit bull mixes. A family who isn’t gone long hours and has large breed experience. We do want him in a home with other k9 siblings to grow up with. Adoptions must be local to Northern California or Sacramento area. We need to be close enough for meets and a home check.


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