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In shelter Dog

Savannah, GA, 31406
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Brown / Chocolate
Bronx, aka Scooby Doo, is a big baby that just wants to be loved and by your side at all times!

His foster mom calls him Scooby Doo because of his curious personality! When Bronx knows he shouldnt be doing something in another room hell come running to where ever she is and try to pretend nothing happened... Bronx has a raccoon toy that hell toss up in the air for funs its his favorite because he picked it out himself at PetSmart!

Any dog he meets is Bronxs best friend. He wants to say hi to every human and dog he sees! He was the longest-standing resident at Bryan County Animla Control before coming to Renegade as a foster. He seemed really sad when he first came to foster care, but now hes made himself right at home and his training is coming right along!

Bronx is the sweetest pup you will ever meet. When youre at home all he wants to do is snuggle or play with his toys. When youre out and about hes mindful but does get excited when he sees other dogs or humans or he gets stuck on a scent. Hes a great office buddy and is so gentle and kind with everyone he meets. Hes great with kids but sometimes doesnt know his own strength when playing.

He is potty trained/ house trained. He understands sit, down, no, come, and will walk next to you on a leash. When hes at the office with his foster mom, hes really good about staying by her side.

In the end, all he wants is love, treats, snuggles and to be by your side for every adventure! If youre looking for a curious companion that will add humor and love to your life, apply to meet Bronx today!


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