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Newton - AVAILABLE   

In shelter Dog

Seattle, WA, 98115
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Newton is ready to find his forever home! This pup is the sweetest, happiest pup, snuggliest pup youll ever meet. He is the perfect combination of puppy and old soul, and he cant wait to find his family! 

\t- We estimate that Newton was born in May 2022, so is about 5 months old. He currently weighs just under 45 pounds and is a pitbull type dog. He is short and stocky and oh so adorable!
\t- Newton loves other dogs and lives with numerous pups of all sizes and ages. His puppy socialization couldnt be better!
\t- He loves to run and chase when he plays, and can be a bit of a rough and tumble player. Typical growing puppy! He also plays well to match other dogs size and activity level.
\t- Newton has not been exposed to cats, but due to his age and mellow nature, we think he would be fine in a home with kitties. 
\t- Newton is fairly low energy for his age, so he doesnt need an active lifestyle, but would love to be a part of whatever fun things his family is doing. Whether it be walks or cuddling up on the couch for movie night.
\t- While overall pretty calm and low energy, Newton is still a puppy with some puppy habits! An adopter should be prepared to work on basic puppy manners and training. Newton is already crate-trained and potty trained.
\t- This guy is so funny! His foster mom loves his adorable snorts, and the way he bulldozes his way onto a lap and plops down for belly rubs.
\t- Newton loves car rides, going to the vet, and doesnt mind baths too much either. What a perfect boy!

For Newton, love is like gravity an ever-present force. This sweet boy is ready to exert that love on the doting family of his dreams! 

**Medical information: Newton has a mild heart murmur and was examined by a cardiologist. He has mild pulmonary valve stenosis, but doesnt require any medications or special care at this time. He should be rechecked by a cardiologist once he is a year old and fully grown. 

Newtons adoption fee is $525 and, as with all our dogs, he is neutered, up to date on vaccines and is microchipped. He is also on flea/tick/heartworm prevention as appropriate. 

If interested in adopting Newton, please fill out an application at: Per our rescue policy, we will not consider adoption applications from families with children under 5 years old for puppies.

See more photos of Newton on his Facebook album!


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