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In shelter Dog

Tucson, AZ, 85745
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Dresden is a playful, energetic young pup who just knows the right family is out there waiting to meet him! But where are they?? Dresden has bounced around a bit in his young life and has ultimately spent far too much time in the shelter system. Truth be told, the stressful environment is very hard on our sweet boy and its time that he finds a forever home. This energetic young pup is looking for someone to play with him, include him in all their adventures, and teach him all his good boy manners. This energetic boy sure knows how to work those sweet, pitiful puppy dog eyes! Each time I walk by his kennel he jumps up and puts his little paws at the gate and proceeds to use nothing short of sorcery to stop me dead in my tracks and make sure that hes gotten out already. In the event he has not, it is truly my good fortune to have the opportunity to spend time with him! Dresden is receptive to training and truly eager to please. He is highly treat-motivated and seems to enjoy the repetition of training, so with time and dedication, I believe he will thrive and build a strong bond with his human. He enjoys pets and affection and would do well in an active household where his owner is willing to be consistent with training. Hes a very sweet pup that just needs patience and structure.- PACC volunteer If youre looking for a couch potato, Dresden is not your man! But, if you lead an active lifestyle and are looking for a companion who can keep up while keeping you company, look no further!! Dresden has almost always shared his kennel with one furry friend or another during his time in the shelter and was playful with other dogs during his most recent behavioral evaluation. Still, its a good practice to meet someone before moving in together, so Dresden needs to meet any potential roommates before signing a lease. In his former home, we learned that Dresden loves to sunbathe in the backyard (though he needs a secure yard to keep him safe). He lived with another dog and a teenager who he loved very much. He was housebroken in that home and his people described him as super sweet, cuddly, playful and very smart. Dresden isnt a huge a fan of young kids, so hes asked that we find him a home without any. Please ask about this friendly, wiggly guy today!