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2208-1516 Boosee   

In shelter Dog

Virginia Beach, VA, 23451
Pet name:
2208-1516 Boosee
Pit Bull Terrier
BOOSEE - 8-9 years old, house trained, not suggested for a home with kids, cats, or dogs, knows commands, friendly, may have submissive urinating, pretty good on leash.

Quiet and unassuming, Boosee allowed me to slip my lead over his head. He has the infamous e-collar so no harness today! We are told he is used to wearing a harness when walking. Boosee is a friendly boy who, after being with his owner for the whole 8-9 years, was surrendered due to health concerns of his owner. So sad! All new coming at Boosee at once but he seems to be a trooper as he meets so many new people in the shelter, his temporary residence. Boosee does have dry skin and he is of an advanced age which can bring on different health issues you should be financially and emotionally be prepared for. Boosee is just a good boy ready to find a new home and family he can call his own.


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