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2206-1729 Donnie   

In shelter Dog

Virginia Beach, VA, 23451
Pet name:
2206-1729 Donnie
Pit Bull Terrier
DONNIE - 1-5 years old, 45 pounds, friendly, pretty good on leash, seems ok with some dogs but needs to work on some manners with other dogs, very sweet and a leaner when he feels comfortable with you.

One day with Donnie and I love him. Yep, thats all it took. This boy is amazingly warm and sweet. He can be naughty in the cage but his youth combined with being stuck in a cage are a viable excuse for naughtiness. When outside, Donnie is a pleasure on the leash and loving in the yard. We first met another dog and after being warned he may not be good with other dogs, we gave him a shot. So glad we did! He was very interested in meeting the other dog! He sniffed and while the other dog play bowed, Donnie was all about trying to mount the other dog but it seemed to be Donnie not really knowing how to play correctly. After a few minutes, Donnie stopped the mounting and was easily redirected away from the other dog. He would go to the other dog, sniff him, let the other dog sniff him and continually look back to me, checking in to be sure all was ok. He would come to me and lean for my attention. This being said, supervision is vital! We do recommend Donnie be an only pet with older children but youll still be able to enjoy a lovely walk around your neighborhood. Donnie a sweet sweet boy ready to find his forever home! Call VBACAC at 757-385-4444 to meet him!