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In shelter Dog

Cincinnati, OH, 45227
Pet name:
Plott Hound
Ramone was abandoned in Daniel Boone National Forest, and he was rescued by the Forest Service team by the same wonderful person who saved Grover and Forest. 

We may not know much about this guy’s past, but we know that his future is looking bright. Ramone is a 1-2 year old mountain cur with a beautiful brindle coat. He was pretty scared when he first came to STAF, but he quickly learned that STAF is a safe and loving environment. It took Ramone less than a week to come out of his shell, and you can now find him happily running around outside with a stuffed toy in his mouth.

Ramone loves other dogs and is gaining a lot of confidence from them, in addition to just enjoying play time.

Ramone is not a candidate for apartment life. With Plott in the mix, he is in search of an active family that can meet his high energy needs. When those needs are not met he can get ramped up and mouthy. The Plott in him loves fresh air and sunshine, so we also hope to find him a home with a nice fenced in yard and maybe a canine playmate too.

 We’re excited to continue to learn more about his personality until we can find him a family of his own!  

***If you would like to meet Ramone, please visit for more information on our adoption process, or email us at for next steps. ***

• All of our animals are spayed/neutered and current on shots.
• We do not do same-day adoptions. You will be asked to return for at least one follow-up visit, then take the dog home for a trial period before officially adopting.
• You must be 21 years or older to adopt from STAF.
• We require a 4-foot-tall physical fence for homes with children under the age of 11. We also may require a physical fence for specific dogs on a case-by-case basis, depending on each dog’s behavior and exercise needs.
• Due in part to increasing coyote activity/incidents in the area and the difficulty of predicting how a dog will respond to invisible fence training, we can not adopt to homes with invisible fences.
• We do request vet and personal references.
• We can facilitate adoptions within a 75-mile radius of our Cincinnati-based shelter.