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Ollie (Crumpet)   

In shelter Dog

Seminole, FL, 33772
Pet name:
Ollie (Crumpet)
Plott Hound
Ollie was returned to a county shelter when the owner noticed he was having seizures. At only 11 weeks old, Ollie is still very much a puppy. Ollie is currently living in a foster home and will be available once we are able to get a better handle of his seizures, determine what triggers them, and regulate his seizure medication so he can grow up to be a big strong healthy boy! Currently, Ollie is gaining weight and learning to potty outside. We would prefer a home with experience to adopt Ollie and give him the love, patience and medical care he will need the rest of his life. Ollie has a fun personality, wants to be next to his person, will sleep on your lap, and is bright, alert and happy. He greets new people with a tail wag and a playful nip to the chin. If you would like to know more about Ollie, or are interested in giving him the love and home that he needs, apply today!

Ollies $450 adoption fee includes his neuter, microchip and registration, all vaccines and preventatives to date, a copy of his current medical to include a bloodwork panel, and a supply of anti-seizure medication to get him started on the right track. 

Thank you for considering adoption!


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