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Rug Rat *1/2 off Sale*   

In shelter Small or Furry

Mankato, MN, 56001
Pet name:
Rug Rat *1/2 off Sale*
Rug Rat

Age: Adult

DOB: 12/30/2021

Gender: Male

Species: Rat

Coat Length: Short

Color: Cream

Dog friendly: yes

Cat friendly: yes

Child friendly: older, gentle, patient

Temperament: intelligent, shy, fast

Energy Level: Active

Adoption Fee: $5+tax

To adopt, go to:

About Me: Hi friends! My name is
Rug Rat.
I enjoy being tucked in my hut all cozy and warm. I love sleeping in my large enclosure all snuggled up and enjoy moving blankets around frequently. I am shy but curious- and working hard on my interactions with people. Most of the day, I am resting safely in my house, laying on my cozy bedding, relaxing in my hammocks, or doing major zooms around my home. I am really entertaining to watch but Im not a big fan of being held but love to be hand fed.

Overall, I am a fun and charming little guy looking for a place to call home where I will either be adopted by my brother(s), or will join another male rat. Right now I live with 3 other males. We came from a home where over 100 of us rats were removed. I am very relieved that we were rescued! We get along really well. I am pretty energetic and easy to please. I would be a great rat for an experienced owner or someone new to rat care and very patient with shy critters and confidence building. It is a requirement of my adoption that I am not alone. As rats are super social animals and form deep, meaningful bonds with our other rat friends.


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