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Gus & Shawn *1/2 off adoption fee*   

In shelter Small or Furry

Mankato, MN, 56001
Pet name:
Gus & Shawn *1/2 off adoption fee*
Name: Gus and Shawn
Age: Gus 2yr Shawn 1yr
Gender: Male
Species: Rat
Dog friendly: yes
Cat friendly: yes
Child friendly: yes
Temperament: Curious, gentle, and friendly
Energy Level: moderate

Adoption Fee: $5+tax-fee includes both rats

To adopt, go to:

About us: Hello! We are Gus and Shawn! We are happy, friendly, and curious rat brothers! We enjoy cuddling next to each other and eating the delicious food and snacks that our foster mom provides us! We are getting better at being held, but everything is new and exciting (and a little scary, sometimes)! We are super gentle taking snacks from our moms hands and love the options she brings us. We are looking for the perfect home. A family that will love us, play with us, and give us all the treats!

From the foster family: Gus and Shawn are so fun. They are curious boys, who want to look at everything. Gus handles being held and cuddled for longing periods of time then Shawn. Gus is a little older and less energetic than Shawn, but they enjoy each others company so much! They typically wake up in the morning to eat, drink and play. They also wake at night and are much more active then. That is usually when I will take them out to play and cuddle. They are the perfect addition to any home.


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