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Dusty (VA)   

In shelter Dog

Roanoke, VA, 24016
Pet name:
Dusty (VA)
Rat Terrier
Yes, the name you see above in bold letters says Dusty, but were going to tell you about Bentley. Dusty and Bentley are the same handsome boy you see in the photos. Because he had been surrendered to a shelter after his owner could no longer care for him, his foster mom thought he might like a new name to signify his new life as a dog rescued by New Rattitude. Thats how lovable 6-year-old (c)hunk Bentley came to be renamed Dusty. However, soon after his name and ID were placed into our records, it became clear that Dusty wanted to be called Bentley after all. No matter what you decide to call this affectionate 26-lb. rat terrier mix, hes going to be your best pal!

Bentleys favorite activities include going for walks, getting pets and belly rubs, and relaxing indoors. Bentley walks nicely on a leash, even when hes walking with his 9-lb. canine foster sister. (Hes not a big fan of going on car trips, however, as hes prone to motion sickness.) When his foster mom works in the yard, he prefers to stay inside or supervise from the porch--no digging holes or dashing through gates from this boy! Indoors, Bentley is crate trained and house-trained and waits patiently in the room next door for his meals to be prepared. Eager to please and food motivated, he knows sit, down, and stay, and could easily learn more. He enjoys relaxing in a comfy dog bed or on the couch if you will allow it. At night, Bentley prefers to sleep in bed with his humans but will be content in a dog bed next to you if you prefer.

Bentleys shelter notes state that he doesnt like men and he does offer a warning growl to men he passes on his walks, but he has also been friendly and affectionate to several men that he has met since his rescue. Its not clear what makes him feel uncomfortable. What is clear is that Bentley enjoys a calm household environment--no playful canines or children please! Even better, he would be happy to be the only dog, and he would love to entertain you, not by flinging about toys (theyre not interesting to him) but with his special game of attack the blanket. Be sure to keep a few extra dog blankets on hand for his use. At-home entertainment, a walking companion, and a devoted best friend. Who could ask for anything more?

Any men in your home will need to meet Bentley at a neutral location during the adoption process to ensure that hell accept them. Our adoption fee is $200 for adult dogs or $250 for puppies under 6 months old.
If you are interested in adopting this dog, PLEASE READ THE DETAILED ADOPTION PROCESS information on our website at www. From there, you can access our adoption application or contact our Adoption Team for more info.


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