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In shelter Dog

Evergreen, CO, 80437
Pet name:
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Phoenix is a big boy with a big heart. He loves nothing more than to snuggle and play with you, and is smart as a whip. In the time hes been with his foster, hes learned basic manners, knows how to wait for his food, and accepts treats gently. He plays well with his foster brothers, but sometimes has trouble meeting new dogs. His curiosity knows no bounds and he loves to see what you and everyone else is doing at all times. Hes a great boy and has come a long way! Bonus: hes crate trained and is a very good boy when hes asked to sit in his.

That said, he has been through a lot of things that require patience and a lot of love. He needs someone who understands his size, his breed, his age, and his energy. Hell do best as the only dog, but if you think another buddy for him will work, just know it will require a slow introduction, lots of observation, and gentle redirection if he plays too rough at first.

Cats are not his thing, nor are children younger than 13. He needs a home that will allow him the time he needs to decompress upon getting adopted. He needs a home that understands the work still needed to mold him into the best boy possible. If youre up for this, he has nothing but a life of love and affection for you in return!

If you think youre his forever, please put in an adoption application for him! His adoption fee is $250 Put in an application at