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In shelter Dog

Saranac Lake, NY, 12983
Pet name:
Extra Large
Coat length:
Meet Buddy, a four-year-old and 120-pound puppy! He has had a few different homes and is looking for an experienced dog owner with large dog experience. 

Buddy can be a big goofball and he has a heart of gold. He knows many tricks that he is happy to show off, including resisting yummy treats until you tell him he can eat it! He uses his big voice to say "Hello" to new people and is very protective of his people. Buddy will need a patient person who understands he needs to be introduced to new people slowly and with positive reinforcement. He is picky about who he likes so a potential adopter will need to bring the whole family to meet him and should be prepared to do multiple visits as going really slow with introductions is very important for him and for you. Buddy does not like kids and will need an adult-only home without cats.

Buddy has separation anxiety and can be destructive when left alone so he would prefer a family where someone is around most of the time. When left alone he will need to be crated until he gets used to a new routine and may still need to be crated after this. 

Buddy is not a dog that can be off-leash. He is reactive to new people, kids, wildlife, and barking dogs, so for his safety, he needs to either be on a leash or in a tall fenced yard. He is energetic and will need someone who can play with him and burn some of his energy off each day. Buddy needs someone who lives in a single-family residence without cats and has enough room out back to exercise him. Buddy has been improving on his socialization but may never get to a point where he can walk in public. He is not a dog for someone who wants to bring him around town, to social gatherings, or on public hiking trails. 

When it comes to other dogs, with a proper introduction, he loves to play and wrestle. He is best friends with Jayne (who is also his mother and needs a home too) and has been able to play with some of the other shelter dogs. Buddy will need to meet any dogs in the household before adoption though to make sure both dogs get along.

If you are interested in adopting this charming boy, please start by filling out an adoption application that can be found on our website at or give us a call at 518-891-0017 if you would like a hard copy mailed to you. Once we have an approved adoption application we can set up an appointment for you to come in and meet Buddy, spend some time with him, and see if he is a good fit for you and your household.