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In shelter Dog

Tucson, AZ, 85745
Pet name:
Ah, Hercules famous for his incredible strength and his far-ranging adventures. Well, even though PACC doesnt have a weight room, our Hercules is still pretty fit and strong! As for those far- ranging adventures, theyve been put on hold while Hercules is at PACC. In fact, hes been here for quite a while now and would like to get back to adventuring. Not like, real adventuring though- but definitely exploring and settling into a new home! Hercules is a special dog who needs a savvy, patient family who will truly get to know him, understand his needs, and work to help him be his very best self. Heres what a few of Hercs volunteer friends have had to say about him: Ive walked Hercules since he came into the shelter. I give him a few treats before I enter his kennel. Usually walking early in the morning, we see few other people. He is interested in the usual smells and distractions. He knows sit and enjoys treats in return. I walked Hercules today and he was a very good boy. It was 6am and all was quiet. We stopped a few times for treats as we walked to the grassy field, and he took them with a soft mouth. He relaxed more as we went along. I look forward to walking him again soon and establishing a closer bond. I walked Hercules yesterday and it was our best outing yet. We took a nice walk in the front of the shelter and then went to a play yard. He walked in like he knew the place and had plans for a good time! He sits, takes treats, and knows the down and stay commands. He was joyful when he was doing his tricks- he wanted to go on forever. Returning to the kennel was a breeze. Hercules needs a person or family who will help him adjust to a new environment and feel comfortable and safe. He can be sensitive to touch and isnt a huge fan of being manhandled, so if youre looking for a dog to love on and squeeze, Hercules isnt the right fit. But, if youre looking for a dignified, independent, intelligent dog to share your adventures, Hercules may be the one for you! Herc is looking for a home without small pets. He was social and playful when meeting other dogs in playgroup, but would still like to meet any resident dogs before heading home to make sure its a good fit. Ask about this long- timer today!