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In shelter Dog

greenwood, IN, 46143
Pet name:
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
Diabetic and Blind, he needs that special someone to live his senior life out with. He is going to make someone an amazing companion and is looking for someone to cuddle with, so all movie and TV junkies please apply. This sweet fella needs a loving home and a soft couch to lounge on. He’s completely blind but so is love. He loves small adventures like going for car rides or entertaining himself playing ball but his favorite place to be is by your side. Cuddling up and watching movies after playing or going bye-bye is his perfect day. He is an absolute love bug once he is comfortable with you.
Otto is blind caused by his diabetes. He has learned how to live without his sight, and it doesn’t restrict him. He listens very well, comes when he is called and goes right outside to potty. His diabetes is easily managed and like everything in life, it becomes part of your daily routine. He has a consistent schedule of being fed the same amount and type of food two times a day (roughly every 12hrs) and gets insulin injections with or immediately after meals.
He would do best in a mellow, one-story home, with someone who is home, more than not to keep him company. He loves to be close to his people. Otto enjoys playing with squeaky balls and toys and will never turn down a snuggle or belly rub.
He is great with adults and older kids,


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