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Blue Moon   

In shelter Cat

Clawson, MI, 48017
Pet name:
Blue Moon
Russian Blue
Gray / Blue / Silver
Coat length:
I rescued Blue Moon back in August of 2021. He was approximately four months old and had been trapped with his mom and sibling. Although originally it was planned for him to be returned, I knew he was too sweet and gentle to go back to street life. It was definitely the right decision as he has turned out to be an absolutely wonderful kitty. He loves attention and being talked to and if you sing his name, he will meow (sing) back to you. 

During his time here, he has bonded with Amp and Jolt. Maybe Im reaching when hoping that somehow these three amazing boys can find a home together, but when I watch how loving they are together, I cant help but to hope they can all stay together.  If not, Blue Moon must go to a home with other kitties, preferably male as they seem to be his favorite.  He can be a little shy at first, but once used to people is the sweetest kitty ever. He is used to children ten and up although would probably do well if a younger child was calm and respectful towards him. I believe he is mixed with British shorthair as he has the plush fur and he has a long thick tail which is common for that breed.


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