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In shelter Dog

Holly Springs, NC, 27502
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Flash is being rehomed and currently staying with his adopter Heres what they have to say about their boy.

Flash is a sweet and loving companion dog. He is usually very laid back and spends most of his day quietly napping on
the floor nearby. He loves tummy and back rubs. He will sit or stand next to the door when he needs to go potty or get
water (his water is kept outside because he is a messy drinker). He loves to smell the outside air and he also loves to
fetch tennis balls, but he mainly wants to stay with his human, so if his human goes back inside, Flash will want to go
back inside. He loves walks, but gets very excited and throws his weight around, especially for the first 10 minutes, so
he hasnt gotten to take many walks. Flash hasnt been around many outside humans or animals, but he goes out once a
month for baths and has been very friendly with the humans and animals that he encounters.
Flash is generally well-behaved around the house, but he does have a few bad habits. He will eat tissues and napkins if
he finds them. He is also nose-level with kitchen tables and will lick crumbs off of the table if he can reach them. He
gets excited from time to time and will run through the house. Sometimes, its because he hears a noise. Sometimes,
its because he hears a door open and he wants to get there as fast as possible. Sometimes, he just gets the urge to run.
When Flash runs, he does not watch out for others. He will stomp your feet, bump you, or possibly run square into you.
For this reason, it is best that Flash not be around children or small animals. He seems to think that he is still a tiny
puppy and does not understand that he is a big boy.

Crate Trained: Yes (say "go night night" and he will go to his cage. Many times, he will go to his cage without being
asked because he gets a treat for going night night!)
Housebroken: Yes
Neutered: Yes

Flash went through an introductory training class as a puppy and did very well. He is very smart and he loves treats. He
will generally perform the following commands if you have a treat in your hand, but he may or may not obey if theres
no reward or if hes excited or distracted.
 Stay (say "ok" to release him from stay command)
 Shake (have Flash sit, then hold out your hand and say "shake" and Flash will reach his paw out to your hand)
 Leave it (drop whatever is in his mouth or leave something alone)
 Lay Down - Flash almost always barks when he performs this trick. He will bark and lay down at the same time
 Go night night (go into crate)
 Gentle - When you have a treat in your hand, tell Flash gentle so he will gently get the treat. This does not
always work, especially if he is very excited, so you are best to offer the treat in your open palm or placing the
treat on the floor so Flash doesnt accidently catch one of your fingers with the treat!)


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