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Rocky 2 - URGENT! Foster Needed ASAP!   

In shelter Dog

Rochester, NH, 03867
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Rocky 2 - URGENT! Foster Needed ASAP!
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*** URGENT > Current foster mom is pregnant and was just put on bed rest (while also having a toddler to care for), so a new foster home is needed ASAP! *** 

Please read full bio!!!

Rocky was about to lose his life at just 1 year old for being a mouthy, energetic/active young dog that’s never had any training. He was picked up from someone’s house that didn’t want him, then held onto for a few days, then brought to the local city kill shelter. 

Based on the behaviors we’ve seen, we think he was probably locked in a crate for most of his early puppyhood. As a result, 50% of the time he’s a sweet, affectionate boy who can cuddle quietly with you on the couch while the other 50% of the time, he exhibits bouts of poor manners, the inability to cope with anxiety/excitement, and lacks impulse control. He can be boisterous and overly dominant during those moments. 

Rocky needs a strong leader with breed experience and familiarity with (and patience for) dogs that have never had any structure, consistency, or basic training. And, it would likely benefit him to go to a home with a tolerant, calm and confident dog that can be a big-brother or sister to him and “show him the ropes” (how a well-adjusted dog behaves)!

Adults or older children are appropriate and NO CATS as he has exhibited a prey drive.

** NOTE! We have a behaviorist on standby to work on these behaviors (virtually over zoom) with his new foster or adoptive home **

We know there is a special someone (or a family) out there who recognizes Rocky as the “diamond in the rough” that he is. Please message us if you think that might be you. Thank you for caring about a pet in need!