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In shelter Dog

Aiken, SC, 29803
Pet name:
Shih Tzu
Meet Joe, Joe Cool, Joe the Dude. Picture in your mind the cartoon character Snoopy with his alter ego, Joe Cool, and this is Joe. Joe is a 6 year old, 15 pound shihtzu/dachshund mix that had come to TSK with his chill attitude, sunglasses and a personality that should be a good fit for many families. Joe has moments of spirited play but soon he will look for your lap or a spot beside your lap to stretch out and soak in the relaxation. He loves his relaxation…because that’s what cool dudes do. Joe walks pretty well on a leash and is crate trained. He’s good with children and other animals including dogs (as long as they arent "in your face" sort of dogs), cats, ducks and chickens! Do you want a little guy to ride along in the car with you? Then Joe Cool is ready. He will just sit in the passenger seat, find his comfortable position and off he goes with you. As you can see, Joe would be a great family addition for those who like a chill dude. He likes his attention but is not demanding and has a lot of love to give!
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