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Sammy Floyd   

In shelter Cat

Chandler, AZ, 85249
Pet name:
Sammy Floyd
Buff / Tan / Fawn
Approximate Date of Birth:9/1/2021


Hello! Im Sammy Floyd, and Im anxious to settle in with my family and a feline buddy or two - and enjoy life! Living on the street as a young cat (Maybe since kittenhood!) was tough and it took a few months to convince me that people -are- wonderful - but I am loving "the great indoors" now! I love to romp and tumble with my young foster brother roommate and snuggle with my foster people on their sofa or bed. Im still learning to accept and give affection, but my purr motor and "kitty kisses" (licks!) are quite impressive already! Foster Mom says I have been the perfect gentleman with the litter box, since Day 1, also!

Words to Describe Me: Energetic, playful, affectionate, social with other cats

Favorite Place to Sleep: On a bed, corner of the sofa, sometimes under a bed in a dark corner

Favorite Toy: A dangling mouse on a wand

Perfect Day: Early morning tussle with my companion kitty, and a race or two through the house, followed by a bowl of pt for breakfast. A snuggle session with my person/people, to include chin scratches, strokes down my back , and lap time with my people. A morning nap, more races and play - then a bit of lunch, and repeat the morning activity! In the evening, my play slows down and I love to snuggle with my people.

Kittys Likes: Chin scratches, head & neck rubs, head to tip of tail stroking

Kittys Dislikes: Be approached from above, is learning to be picked up (with hind feet supported)

Fastest Way to Get Me to Purr: Lounging with him, giving him chin or neck scratches

Favorite Treat: Delectables - Squeeze Ups

Job Title in Foster: "Best Bud & Playmate" to my young foster brother

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be: A Best Friend to my kitty roommate & Loved by my Human(s)

Other Info: Sammy Floyd has come so far and seems so excited and happy about his new indoor life. He was anxious to socialize with our cats, easily joined the group and gravitated to our young male. He is affectionate with people, usually on his terms yet (and on a sofa or bed) and is still learning to trust, but is an incredible snuggler!

Good with Cats:

Loves cats.

Good with Dogs:


Good with Children:


Companion Animal:

Requires a feline companion always.

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